Best Restaurants in Rafah Palestine

If you are making plans to go on a trip to Rafah In Palestine then you must be interested to know about the best restaurants that the place has to offer. If you are a foodie person then this place is the right choice for you as you will get to enjoy the culinary delights of different countries. This place is well known for its Mexican cuisine, Italian cuisine, German cuisine and Pakistani cuisine.


Some of the top restaurants:

One of the restaurants that you will be delighted to visit if you went to Rafah in Palestine is the XimplyChriz cafe which is world famous for its cakes which are good in quality and have a wonderful and delicious taste. All the staff members of this cafe are extremely cordial and friendly.  The other things that you will certainly appreciate about this cafe are its quality coffee, tasty desert and the spic and span environment.

Japanese Excapade Sushi Restaurant

Another very popular restaurant of this place is the well known Japanese Excapade Sushi Restaurant which offers good quality Japanese food at very affordable prices. The staffs of this restaurant are well known for their warmth and hospitality and this place provides amazing and delicious sushi, sashmi and other mouth watering Japanese dishes. If you want to enjoy Japanese cuisine then the Japanese Excapade sushi Restaurant is the right place for you.

Deals Restaurant

The Deals Restaurant at the Radisson hotel is another very popular and famous restaurant of this place. You will certainly appreciate the interior decoration of the Deals restaurant which looks very classy and sophisticate. At the Deals Restaurant you will get to enjoy all kinds of delicious and mouth watering dishes. You can go for the non vegetarian as well as the vegetarian dishes as the restaurant is famous for both. You can try out some of the chicken and tan door dishes. This top class restaurant is well known for its delicious deserts so you must try the desert. If you visit this restaurant once then you will definitely want to come back again as you will fall in love with the ambience and the tasty food.




Now that you have an idea about some of the top restaurants in Rafah in Palestine you can visit them when you go to Rafah. Apart from these there are plenty of other restaurants however these restaurants have a brand name and good image and you will definitely like the overall ambience that these restaurants have to offer. These restaurants also provide some of the most exciting and adventurous night life which you are surely going to enjoy. If you want to taste some really good food and take a few quality drinks then these restaurants will definitely make you happy and satisfied. The best part about all these restaurants is that they are not at all expensive. To the contrary they are all very affordable. So you can enjoy at these restaurants without thinking about money.

Rafah is a city with a long history. It dates back 3000 years to the time when it was a stop along a route the military took to help protect the region.

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