Places To Visit In Rafah, Egypt And The Surrounding Area

The beauty of nature has such magnetism in itself that for the beginning of the civilization, human beings are inquisitive to explore it mysteries, that’s why when the question is to go for a travel, no one will left back. Nature is present with her different beauties in different places and if your concern is to witness the beauty of the endless golden sand, the name of Egypt is sure to come on the list. This transcontinental country is spanning over the northwest corner of African continent and has earned so much popularity for being the destination of thousands of tourists every year.

Here is a list of the places that you must visit during your trip to Egypt Rafah and its surrounding


Places to visit in Egypt

Once you visit Egypt, you will be surely confused of fix destination as each of the place of here tells a unique story but in the list of the must-visits in Egypt, the name of the Egyptian pyramids must be taken. These pyramids are things which have make the identity of Egypt as an exceptional country to the rest of the world. Along with these pyramids, also don’t miss to see the Valley of the Kings that consists the Pharaoh’s tombs and interment chambers.


Portraying the picture of Egypt without its pyramid is just impossible. So once you stay in Egypt, don’t forget to visit Giza to see the great pyramid of here. Not only this, Giza is much more to offer you and the name of the Great Sphinx of Giza must be included in the list that you must visit in this city. You will also get to see the Giza pyramid complex here that isan archaeological location on the Giza Plateau.


When talking about the must-visits of Egypt, you just can’t miss the name of Cairo that is the capital of this country. This city of Egypt also consists a huge historical value. The Egyptian Museum that has around 120,000 items which are representing the ancient history of Egypt is a must visit of Cairo. You also can’t miss to visit the Khan el-Khalili market that is the major tourist attraction of here. This market is famous for providing traditional Egyptian stuffs. Hence, if you want to carry a piece of memory with you while returning, Khan el-Khalili market should be your ultimate destination.

Rafah- Your Egypt tour will surely be incomplete if you miss to visit Rafah. This small city is that is situated in the midst of the golden sand can act as a perfect retreat for you. Visit the archeological sites of the city to explore more about the history of Egypt.


There would be hard to find a single person in the world who is not well-acquainted with the name of Egypt. Egypt is one of the countries of the world that is carrying the evidence of the ancient history of the world. The number of things that you will get to see in this country is actually numerous. Here is the list of those places which you really can’t miss to visit in Egypt.

Rafah is a city with a long history. It dates back 3000 years to the time when it was a stop along a route the military took to help protect the region.

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