Things to do in Rafah

Nature has presented herself in her different beauty in different places. Each of beauties of the nature is sure to make to mind your blow. From the frozen mountains to the endless blue seas, everything has different beauty in itself and if you want to witness the engrossing beauty of the golden sand, you must visit Rafah.  It is a Palestinian city that is situated in the southern Gaza strip. This city is located at 30 km away from Gaza towards the South. The city which has the population of 71,003 people, has become a famous tourist destination at the present time.

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Visit the beauty of desert in a new way

As the result of the industrialization, people’s lifestyles are going through a sea change at the present time. Everyone is busy with their hectic and busy schedule and if you want to spend some days far away from the chaotic city life, Rafah is your must visit. Once you visit this city, you will get to explore the beauty of desert in a new way. The city which is situated in the midst of the desert will surely engross you with its unique beauty. Let yourself be absorbed in the murmur of the wide sand or set your destination to the unknown through enjoying the camel safari with your friends and family, Rafah will surely be the perfect retreat for you.

Get to explore the ancient history of the world

History carries the evidence of every single happening of the world. History is the mirror which provides everyone the chance to get closer to the ancient culture and tradition of the worlds. It depicts the story of the past. That’s why the history has always a mysticism in itself and Rafah is the city which is still carrying the evidence of history in its chest. This city is full of historical significance. Hence, you come into Rafah, don’t forget to visit then historical buildings and museums that are sketching the history of thousand years ago.


Enjoy a shopping in this historical city

When your concern is to enjoy your best in this historical city, you just can’t miss to shop here. As said earlier that this city is enriched with historical value, and most importantly it is still carrying those ancient tradition of it which are clearly visible in the jewelries and dresses that are available here. Besides having a touch of elegancy, these dresses and jewelries of the city have a unique appearance. Hence, if you want to include some unique pieces of dresses and jewelries in your closet, you must go for the shopping after coming into city.

Along with all these, this city has more to offer you, for example you can enjoy the taste of the delicious Egyptian foods in the number of restaurants and hotels that are present in the city. So what are you waiting for! Book your hotel now and spend some days in Rafah to add some unforgettable memories in your life.

Rafah is a city with a long history. It dates back 3000 years to the time when it was a stop along a route the military took to help protect the region.

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