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This is an urgent appeal to help homeless families and children

1) Family of Mosaa Salem Radwan, Rafah Camp

Today I found the family of Mosaa Salem Radwan, consisting of 11 persons, homeless in the streets. Their house is demolished, they only received some blankets and a survival food package from the Red Crescent society. They don't have any place to stay any more and are completely desperate.
The only solution to provide them with a shelter, would be to rent a small apartment for them. The rent for a small apartment usually is 100 to 120 Dollars for 1 month. Every Dollar would help.

2) Urgent Appeal to help the family of Khalil Mohamed Radwan

This is the family of Khalil Mohamed Radwan from Rafah Camp, Block O. Their house is demolished, and now they are living near the tanks. Every day and every night their mother cries about the horrible things that happened to her family... She said: I hesitate to go in the night, during the massive shooting, and knock on my relative's doors to ask them for sleep.. Please help these homeless people, it's very urgent..

3) Two children and their family from Beith Lahia needing help

These 2 children are Madleen Karmoot and her brother Ebraheem Karmot. They receive a $50/month child sponsorship via PCWF. When I delivered the sponsorship money to them yesterday, the family told me that they were instructed by the Palestinian Authorities to leave their house because it will be destroyed next week. It was said to them, their house is located on land that belongs to the government, and the house will be removed to create a park at this place! The family does not know what to do. The $50 child sponsorship just enables them to buy food and some basic things. Next week they will be homeless. We urgently need to collect some donations so we can find some temporary shelter for them. The weather is cold, rainy and windy now, they cannot live in a tent.
For any donation, the same possibilities apply as given for the Radwan family mentioned above.

4) Family of Awny Deeb Al Malahy, Rafah Camp, Block O

The house of this family also was demolished by the IDF, now they stay in a partially damaged garage. They urgently need a safe room where they can stay and sleep.

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