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February Report:

27 February 04

Hundreds of thousands participated in the streets of Gaza Strip, and the West Bank in a protest against the apartheid separation wall which Israel is building in West Bank ..
In that black Monday, Gaza Strip schools, students, teachers, foundations, organizations, and governments offices were all marching on Monday in different areas in Gaza Strip, as a result of that all the areas were closed.

Rafah children spread the e- mail address of the International Court of Justice in Hague, as they were asking in the schools to send letters to condemn and stop the separation wall. As some of these demonstrations were led to clashes in Gaza between the Isarli soldiers and the children of the schools, in addition to many injured and killed people in West Bank.

Also in the Day of Rage, in Gaza City, the demonstrators made a model of the Separation wall, as they were asking the world to stop the separation wall in the West Bank.. But the more important question: Is the world going to watch this happen again?

For 16 days the Israeli Army closing Al Mawasi zone near Rafah beach and now allowed the people to get their basic and simple rights, such as buying food and allowing ambulances to deliver medical supplies for the people in the area..

Two canon shells were shooting by the soldiers after attacking Al Brahmah area near Block "J" in Rafah, as a result of that

After the separation wall storm, what kind of attacks is going to be against Rafah? Simply answering this questions will be very clear soon by the Israeli Army actions and military operations in Rafah Camp, as a large numbers of tanks and bulldozers were surrounded and parking in different parts of the Camp..

23 February 04

Gaza workers protest in Erez crossing checkpoint asking for a little dignity..

A very large number of workers in Gaza Strip protested at the Israeli crossing checkpoint of Erez which divides Gaza Strip and Israel. They were all asking for a better treatment ever since one of the workers died at the crossing checkpoint. It is important to mention that Rafah Refugee camp, where about 140.000 inhabitants live, has only 6 people working in Erez checkpoint..

The Palestinians workers were saying: "It's our right to life in dignity" and "No to humiliation which ends in death." According to the workers, one of them, Mohammed Al Sheikh (41) from Gaza City, died last Monday trampled under the feet of the other workers, due to the slow checking on the Israeli side which made it difficult to breathe and suffocated them. It should be mentioned that Israeli soldiers put the workers in very small areas..

One of the workers, Naji Al Hums (46) who is living in Rafah said: "I leave my home at 2 o'clock in the morning and sometimes I arrive and find the checkpoints closed." He added that the soldier checked 10 people and then took a rest for a long time then another ten... and that made the life of the workers much harder."

Um Salamh (40) is a maid, and she also endures waiting for many hours. She said : "I get tired from waiting, but what can I do? I must work and bring food for my children, but I was lucky that the soldiers didnt force me to be completely naked and take off all my clothes
to check me, but they did with many of my colleagues." She added "I'm working in clearing and sweeping since 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock p.m., and usually I used to get back late to my home, as I have a paralyzed husband who does not have the ability to work and I'm the only breadwinner for the family. I get 50 shekels per day (50 shekels is
approximately US$13).

19 February 04

They killed him while he was playing near his house in Hay Al Salam area, 13 year old Bashir Abu Armana. He was playing with three other children: Ayman Al Naqla (13) was injured, while Mohammed Juda (12) was arrested.. Abu Armana stayed approximately three hours lying on the ground after being injured in the back of his head as ambulances tried to reach him several times, but were not allowed. Medical workers were faced with shooting towards their ambulances.

A very large number of children participated in the funeral of their friend Abu Armana. Those children began to understand and know the real face of Israel. They had been appealling for the international community but their voices were ignored..

Dr. Ali Mussa in Abu Youif Al Najjar area announced the arrival of 62 year old Suad Al Qernawi at the hospital after she was waiting for permission from the Israeli soldiers in order to get from Egypt into Rafah as she was in was in Egypt for medical treatment.

Daily incursions, shelling houses, demolishing trees , killing children while they were going to schools, it seems the routine life in Rafah Refugee Camp.. The Israeli troops killed Jamal Al Afifi (45), in addition to killing Mohamed Zourb (25).

At the moment, it is raining, the weather is very cold here, the shelling continues, and many people are leaving their houses because of the tanks and bulldozer movements which made them realize that there will be new incursions. They all chose to get out with their children in the cold weather but not to stay one hour in their houses which would probably be invaded anytime by the Israeli Army.

Rafah children participate in their friend funeral, as they condemn the
Israelis crimes against the children and called the international
community and the world to stop what is the blind war against Rafah

11 February 04

More injured and killed people by the apache shelling right now according to Abu Yousif Al Najjar hospital..

Israeli Apaches are shelling the houses of the people in both Rafah and Gaza. Over 16 people were killed in Rafah and Gaza City, and over 60 were injured, many of them seriously.. 31 of the injured were children.

Now all people are targeted: babies, children, women, old men. Everyone is targeted by Israeli snipers and Apaches. That is the translation for the removal of Jewish settlements, killing more and more innocent people while they were sleeping in their houses..

The attacks are still contining in Rafah camp and Gaza City, more and more injured people. This incursion was carried out this time in a new appearance of Israel, that which aims to cheat the world by what they are saying in their media about withdrawing from Gaza Strip..They shoot every moving thing, never mind what it is. They have spread horror and fear in the children and women, in addition to targeting the children who are going to their school by the Israeli snipers located in the houses that they occupied this morning..

The world is silent, while Rafah and Gaza Strip appeal to a silent world.. The foreigner Apaches are invading Rafah at this moment, while the shelling is everywhere, and there is no distinction between a journalist or a medical worker or even a child going to his school, all of them the are targeted by Israeli troops who get their support from some of the supporter countries that always call for peace and justice. Thats why they look to the Palestinians, owners of the land as a terrorists.. A strange world indeed... this time the one who has power can do whatever he wants..You won't lose when you share the truth, for the sake of the blood of those victims, just let your friends and all the world know about the truth, let them know about the daily attacks in Rafah and where it is! Let them know the outrageous and daily massacres that are committed by some the latest versions of the latest international versions of weapons..

Share the truth and know that this injustice will not be long, there will be time that the occupation will end, but that would be difficult without your hard work in telling the truth and spreading this report to all the people that you know..

9 February 04

With tears he told me the story of how the soldiers beat him in different parts of his body. His name is Abu Ashraf Abu Libda who lives in Hay Al Salam. He said: "They killed my son, they beat me, they arraested my family, their dogs beat my wife and children and my son's children"..

It was less than 20 meters between our house and the tanks, where the bulldozers and tanks were parking and shooting from every area.. According to the Israeli media that attack was targeting the resistance leaders.. Their style has changed since they use to say that they attack was because of tunnels but now they say it is because of the media, and who knows what they will say in the future in order to make continue to deceive the world with their news!!

A few pictures that I took from here then three bullets were shot towards my camera from the other tank which was standing near another two bulldozers,, after these three bullets, the bulldozers and tanks came and surrounded the area where we were taking pictures and photographing what was happening. Thousands of people were surrounded in their houses and could not get out of it..

Fifteen hours after the attack, the result was the killing of Ashraf Abu Libda (33) and the wounding of over 20 people, 4 of whom seriously. In addition many olive trees and another few houses were demolished, damaging electricity providers, water supplies and phone lines.

And Rafah is still under different attack by the air forces and Israeli bulldozers and tanks& there is no moment without shelling and shooting, even now as I write, the shelling is continuous.

7 February 04

Israeli soldiers opened fire at an infant.. Mohammed Yahia Duhair, less than two years old, was injured in his neck.. As the Isarli newspaper Yadioutt Ahranoot mentioned yesterday Palestinian homes were being shot at every day by the Israeli Army .. It also mentioned the injured child, and mentioned Abdelkader Abu Alaof (32) who was injured in his leg during the shelling in Tal Zourb area..

Shelling, shooting and demolishing houses continue up till this moment. The shelling came when two Israeli bulldozers fell into a deep hole which was dug up by Israeli bulldozers a few days ago in Qeshta Area in Rafah Refugee Camp..

3 February 04

While the Arab countries are celebrating AL Adha Eid and the presidents send their congratulations on that occasion, 4 people were killed this morning when a large number of bulldozers and tanks attacked Tal Al Sultan in Rafah Refugee Camp.. According to Abu Yousif Al Najjar hospital in Rafah: "one of the injured people was a paralyzed man called Yasir Abu AlAesh (35), and they found mutilation such as hacking by knives in the bodies of the killed people after killing them by bullets. His brother Abdelhamed Abu AlAesh (38) was also injured by several bullets in his body"..

A large number of people participated in the funeral of the murdered people this morning. Funerals have became the norm here, and no days pass without one Israeli crime or another, even if you want to ask any child in the street about the Israeli Army crimes, simply he would describe the plight that he faced every night while the people are sleeping
in their homes..

This massacre came just two days after shooting two students while they were studying in their classrooms. The two students are Mohammed Jamel Al Boab, who was injured in his cheek, and the other Tamer Zuhair Saheen who was inured in his right shoulder. The Israelis also had two bulldozers that demolished a large numbers of olive and orange trees..

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