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26 December

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The number of homes that have been demolished is still not known up till now, but there are over 10 killed and 45 injured, most of whom were children and 4 women. The UNRWA clinic was also partially demolished. The children and the women who were injured this time were not injurd by Israeli bullets but from the dogs of the Israeli soldiers who let their predator dogs loose to attack people.

This is our life... daily attacks with outrageous killing in all sorts of ways. We write and no one reads; we scream and no one hears; we are torn apart and no one sees our torn bodies; we get killed and no one feels for us. Thats why we have to continue writing and screaming. Screaming at a world that wants us to die whenever they want. We get hungry when they get fullness; we visit our martyrs at the same time they are visiting hotels in their countries.. And all of they want from us to say is: "Yes sir. More orders sir." But even saying that is not allowed because we are not even allowed to talk or whisper or else!!!!!

Those people are controlling the breaths of Palestinians. They are not so good in reading the tragedies in the eyes and faces of the people. They dont have time to hear the voice of pain. They are deliberately deaf to hearing the real screams that are every day, every night, and every moment. The only thing that they hear is the voices of those traders who are trying to find what remains from our souls, and what is available of our pains so it might contribute in increasing their bank accounts or improving their positions. And the more tragic than that, they are talented and creative in filling their pockets. You even find them doing well in criticising corruption, so you would swallow your tongue and rub your eyes in order to be able to understand if that was a dream or a reality.

Those people you find everywhere in this fake and unreal world, so you would say it many times, and say that they have the right to kill more and more, torturing injured people and confiscating the tents of the people whose homes had been demolished and arresting those who had lost their own home land..

23 December 03

Rafah Refugee Camp is being shelled by Israeli Apaches. A large number of tanks and bulldozers left 8 people killed and over 45 injured, in addition to a demolishing of a massive number of houses. Many people were lost in that attack which is still continuing up till this moment. The attack came just three days after a Hamas revenge attack against one of
the watching towers in Rafah in which two Israeli soldiers were killed according to the Israeli media.

That attack today is in Yebna camp where they shot everything they found and demolished every house, every tree, every anything in their way. Now the Apaches' roar is heard in the camps, shelling the houses while people were still in them. A medical worker was one of the dead in that attack.. even journalists were shot from the bulldozers and the tanks. It seems that the protective jacket won't protect me, because in my eyes I see the people
getting killed and getting demolished with their houses since last night. It seems we have become criminals because we tell the truth with our cameras and risk our lives for the sake of the truth, so you might perhaps ask the Israeli Army to withdraw from refugee camps where poor, and erased people are now living. They will listen because you can cut the continuous support of all what your technology gets them.. or, oh, I forget.. yes maybe you are testing your war machines in the bodies of poor people.. Yes thats the reason.. Silence only just to get more "achievements" in international technology as in that war, they are testing their war machines: the Apaches, bulldozers, tanks and the latest version of that weapons that they use, that weapon which is now in the hands of the Israeli Army which can shoot the people while the soldiers are sitting in a different corner.

Always, just hearing condemnation, but it is boring always to hear the same voice.. Imagine just for one moment, that these women who jumped today from the second floor of their homes is you.. Imagine that the child who jumped from the second floor is your brother, or your son..

Isnt that enough? Isnt it a shame to support terror? Where is our heart? Where is our conscience? Where is that time when you was call for peace? Or was that call fake, only to temporarily quiet the people who are suffering from your money effects causing them pain?

This is the nature of that world, clap for the strongest people and call the weak criminal or dont deserve life.. Why? Because this is the nature of the jungle that we live in, where strong people eat the weak people.

The people who were killed today are: Weam Rezk Muss(25) Ala Ata Bahloul (23), Rami Azmi Hasaneen (22 ), Khalil Al Kasas (55 ), Ali Al Najra (22 ), Aied Al Najar( 34), and Ahmed Al Najr (32 ) and Khamis Al Raie (21)

And still the situation is very bad.. The Apaches have not left the Rafah Sky. They are shelling every place and every area.. but the number of the houses will be massive, as there were thousands of homeless families who lost their tents in the last few day because of the wind and the very cold weather. It will be the same for the new homeless families to live in a tent in the cold weather on the street.

22 December 03

By phone I spoke with an eyewitness who saw the youngest Palestinian prisoner child whose name is Raaakan Nusirat (12) and who is from the West Bank.. He said that Nusirat was one of the children who were arrested by the Israeli Army in the last few months. According to eyewitnesses the child was released from prison and he arrived at Qalandia checkpoint in the West Bank weeping and saying: "I didnt expect that they will set me free from prison, but the Palestinian lawyer, Jawwad Al Emawi, was giving me hope all the time during his visits to us in the prison. He gave me hope that they will set me free and now I want to see my mother and family. Im yearning to see my mother and brothers.

The child expalined that there are many children in the prison suffering from the daily torture by the Israeli soldiers. He gave a simple example: lack of food and blankets in the very cold wither. This crime just came to remind us of what happened two weeks ago when some families in Deir Al Balah in Gaza Strip announced that 5 children were lost while walking to their schools and they don't know where they are. A question just came in my mind, was the earth cracking and swallowed those children?

21 December 03

Every day the effects of the Israeli occupation shows more and more.. It seems Israeli soldiers will not comforted if they stay for only one night without shooting. That is what's clear in Rafah where local human rights centers consider Rafah as the worst place which has received the most attacks. Gaza Strip has the professional Israeli soldiers who demolish houses while people are sleeping in them. Israeli Apache pilots shell houses while their inhabitants are sleeping in them, and that was yesterdays incursions which came only few days after the last attacks where International Israeli Bulldozers demolished on of the mosques in Al Brahama area in Rafah.

Yesterdays attack also began at 2 a.m. and ended that 7 a.m. The attack occured during the very cold wither, and hundreds of families left their homes searching for other shelter.. That result was the shooting of Jamal Abu Ziada (38) who was weriously injured in has back according to Abu Yousif Al Najar Hospital in Rafah. Nine homes were demolished.
Also in that attack, Israeli bulldozers demolished the Palestinian National security building in Yebna Camp in Rafah.

Last week also they bombed many houses in Yebana, and Block J refugees areas killing Mustafa Al Hums(17). It still seems not enough. Eyewitness say there are many bulldozers and tanks gathered in Block J and Salah El Deen Israeli Gate. No one knows if I can write next times about the attacks, but cameras are better because simply it doesnt lie.

12 December 03

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How should I describe that Israeli occupation? How should I describe what they did in the last attack which was only four days after what they call the Geneva accords? They are like aspirin tablets and the world took them. But the last attack on Rafah which was only
three days ago, came to prove to all the world the real intention of Israel.. Yes it shows now and very clearly that Israeli government doesnt know any language but the language of blood.. All the world participated in the last attack on Wednesday and Thursday... they participated in all the ways, if not with their money so by their silence which gives clear a agreement with what is happening to the innocent Palestinians in Rafah..

More than 20 tanks were there and 3 bulldozers and another two Israeli apaches participated in invading Hay Al Salam near the cemetery.. killing everyone they see, demolishing every thing they face in the latest war machines. That was their policy in the attack, leaving 6 killed including an ambulance driver who was killed while oing his duty.. Those that were killed people are: Saber Abu Loli (19), Nsaer Abu Al Naja (36), Omer Mohsen (22), Suliman Al Akhras (20), Aiad Al Mahmoom (55) and finally the ambulance driver Mohammed Zaino(28). Also an additional 20 people were injured, most of them children and two women, in addition to 9 houses demolished and graves were demolished as well together with hundreds of olives trees in the area.. Five people were lost in that attack, and it wasnt known if they were killed under the rubble of their houses or were arrested by Israeli soldiers..

Outrageous killing was clear when the Israeli Apache shelled the ambulances and the people while they were sleeping in their houses.. That was the result of the international silence which agrees more and more with the Israeli government that commits more and more attacks against Palestinians in their homeland..

A women from Al Qadi family, who lives in Hai Al Salam just came a few minutes after withdrawal and found a rubble instead of her house. She began screaming and crying and saying: Where is the International community? Where is the world? Come and help me, come and get my husband, he is under the rubble

Olfat Al Qadi is a child who refused to leave her house after it was demolished. She doesnt know where her parents are so she took a pillow and is now sleeping in the rubble of her house.

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3 December 03

Black feast in Rafah Refugee Camp: while Arab countries were celebrating in their feast/Eid, the people in Rafah were busy with the funeral of 9 year old Ebraheem Al Rabia who was shot in the head with an Israeli bullet the second day of Eid while playing with the children near his home in Block J Refugee Camp.

It seems like the Israeli bullets never endi as though the soldiers are connected to a line of bullets directly from a factory. They did not leave any kind of weapon unused.. they used all kinds of weapons. The vicitms of course are always the Palestinian citizens.. they are victims of political conferences and agreements that the media claims are trying to find a solution for the Palestinian issue. This is not true because yesterdays Geneva accords were translated on the Palestinian street and Israel began working by it when they blocked Abu Holi checkpoints leaving thousands of people sitting in the streets for more than 15 hours until midnight. Every day you hear about new crimes and new murders but no one thinks for a moment of what comes after killing... What comes when the IDF soldiers kill the father of a group of children? I will leave the cemetery to answer these questions with the pictures that I have taken two days ago. you can see one of the children, Samir Al Shair, talking to his dead father in the cemetery. He was whispering to his father and speaking to him.

Ahmed Sekh Al Eid, wasnt different from the other children who came to visit their relatives.. hundreds of children were weeping at the cemetery, and hundreds of families came to celebrate in their damaged homes, and other hundreds of women came from the early morning to the cemetery to visit the graves of their relatives and to express their grief and sorrow..But now the question is: is the message of those children out there for the
world to hear?

Basma and her sister Ahlam

Wessam abu Anza

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