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October 03 Report

October 18: Mohammad's younger brother, Hussam Al-Mouhagir [17 yrs old], was killed by the Israeli army today. Hussam was sitting at home when he was shot in the face, chest, back, legs. He had nothing to do with any violent or even political movement. Hussam's crime is that he was a Palestinian.

October 1: Mohammed's younger brother Issam was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital about a week ago. His leg was amputated and he is undergoing medical treatment. The webmaster

27 October

World without hearts, the majority of them have lost their feelings, lost the meaning of humanity.. no values nor principles.. my brother ... killed in cold blood, amidst international silence. He was in the house when the Israeli bulldozers and tanks attacked the area and invaded the houses of our neighbors. The street was completely different and the only choices were two: either to get demolished with the house and be killed under the rubble, or to get out of the house and get killed from the shelling and shooting that doesnt
differentiate between child, old women or old man. All are targeted..

My brother Hussam, 17 years old, was a secondary school student. He was one of those people who chose not to get killed by demolishing with his body in the rubble of the house, so he went out of the house trying to find shelter or a safe area where he could go to. He went out of the house and immediately got killed by 7 evil bullets (from the bullets of those
countries who support Israeli army against children...all Americans bullets as the doctors said in the hospital). In that moment when they killed him with 7 American bullets, Wedad Al Ajrami, a 33 years old women, tried to help my brother and get him to the hospital, but they killed her also. And now both of them have fallen.

Wedad's husband tried to help her but he was injured in his neck and all his body and now he is at the hospital seriously injured. Wedad's son tried to help his mother but they shot him and he also is at the hospital right now. Also the brother of Wedad's husband tried to help but he also got injured by the bullets of the Israeli army. Five of them fell to the ground one after the other. The ground was full of the blood of all of the 5 people were bleeding. The voice of one of the injured people was crying for help but no one heard him because of the shelling from every where, even with F16s and Apaches. The ambulance driver just came and it was the same situation: they tried to shoot him and after a very long time the ambulance driver was able to carry the body of the my brother and the women in addition to three injured people, two of them were seriously.

The moments can't be described when my mother got the news of the murder of my brother. They were the worst in my whole life ... when I see my brother who was speaking with me a few hours ago, and now his face cold in the refrigerator of the hospital. I tried to talk to him but he wasnt able to answer me. When I touched his face I began to understand things that I hate very much..

Wedad.. what did she do to get killed by Israeli bullets? And now she left behind 4 children, one of them who is baby child. My brother got killed with 7 evil bullets... why? Those trees that were demolished... those houses .. why?

The drivers of the bulldozers and those iron machines didnt answer the people who were asking the driver of the bulldozer to wait till they get out of their houses. The answer was more shelling.. the bulldozers' drivers were in challenges, all of them trying to demolish and
kill as much as they can.. are there any people who hear this call? Are there any people who knows about this? Are there any people who care? Are there human rights in Palestine? The questions are so many but they need answers that are not found in this world.. In this world, the strong eats the week... the same as living jungles.. fingers just writing condolences, tongues just pronouncing all the words to express about sympathy to me WHILE hands still supporting Israel in the latest inventions of F16s, F15s, bulldozers and tanks.. so Is That The Justice that Peace Makers Talking About?!

14 October

The IDF attacked Hai Al Salam area in Rafah with a very large number of tanks and bulldozers.. They demolished many houses and shot many people. In addition they arrested four people with their father in the same area.. The Apaches are circling the Rafah sky all the time, shelling homes. This operation will be the same as they did in Yebna camps.. The number of demolished homes is 40.

Also, thousands of people have gathered in a very large demonstration under the Israeli Apache in solidarity with the families whose homes have been demolished in Rafah, and they all asking the relief foundations to help the homeless families.. but no respondr from any one.

13 October

They withdraw a few meters from Yeban camp, and the people went to see their homes there.. it was the worst 72 hours in our lives.. The people went to their homes thinking that they still have some.. many families arrived at their homess and found rubble mixed with their damaged furniture.. The result of the attack was 150 houses were completely demolished. And another 70 homess were partially demolished. Thousands of trees were
demolished.. in addition to 8 people killed, and another 96 injured.. 18 are women, 4 of whom are pregnant women. Most of the injured people were children.. Over 420 families couldnt live in their homes because of the attack that isn't yet over according IDF's announcements to the media. This morning they demolished two houses in Tal Zourb areas..

I met one of the homeless families and asked the woman about that, she was in tears and said: "I've been living here for 40 years and I never came across a day like this in those 40 years. They demolished our houses with our furniture. May God damage all the ones who share in demolishing houses."

Now the families are living in tents under this very changing cold weather, waiting for relief organizations to bring them food and water..

And the question is, who will help these damaged homeless families and bring them water, food, and clothes especially in a time that they lost all things in heir home? What is the reason that the Israelis have demolished this large number of houses in 72 hours?
A questions just came to the mind of the many journalists who were asking relief

11 October

A call from the families in Palestinian Rafah: A new mascaras continues. The F16s, Apaches are shelling innocent people..Shelling from every where. Every place.. Every area..They shoot at large numbers of people, and exploded two houses: the first one belonged to Mohsen Shat, and the other is not known. In addition they demolished over 50 houses.. It's A REALL call from the families.. I saw one of the women Um Ahmed saying: "God we need water.. Water, water my children are going to die between my hands, water we need water.. Where are human rights.. Where is the UN,? and Mr. Anan?.. we are being killed using your weapons,, it's your weapons we are all being killed all the times."

Um Ahmed was one of the thousands of people who have not had a drink of water since the
morning,, we dont have food, we can't go to hospitals.. We dont have electricity. We have injured people and cannott transfer them to their homes or hospitals. The Israeli army announced through microphones that people must leave the area.. And they demolished many thousands of trees.. This is the third day with continuouss electricity blackout which just came right now and I am able now to write this. Most areas have no electricity or water..

This is a reall call by the many thousands of people here .. We are all asking for water and
bread.. many journalists have arrived in the area but couldnt take pictures because
the Israelis shot them many times.. The Journalist Association asked all journalists in all the world to get out and publish about the crimes which the Israelis are committing against civilians.. I didnt take pictures although there are many things here becuse my camera is still broken since that time when the soldiers surround me and other journalists.


Early in the day: It is hard to sleep here.. the world is silent as if nothing is happening..

The IDF blocked the UNRWA clinic which is located in the Yebna camp. This clinic assists and serves people in those hard times. Also they demolished clothes shops located near the clinic, in addition to burning a supermarket. The area is completely closed by the
bulldozers and tanks..

Right now they just killed 19 years old Zaki Al Sharif. He was killed while standing
near his home in Block J area west Rafah. 4 other people were injured at the same time.

The shelling is going on and on since three days now. Dr. Ali Mousa the director of Aby Yousef Al Najjr, said: "The IDF used massaive shells and canons to cause a large number of injuries, and most of the injured people were injured in the head and in sensitive parts of
their bodies.. if that attack is going to continue in this manner, there will be a medical crises in all the area."

10 October

Later in the Day: Israeli sources said to press people: the attack on Rafah will be for weeks&

A new massacre against Rafah yesterday and up till these moments. Over 70 people were injured and another 7 killed in the attack against Rafah by the latest models of F16s, Apaches, tanks and bulldozers.. Since yesterday they have demolished many people's homes.. The ambulance men were trying to get out the people who have been under the rubble and other injured people from this early morning's attack. [see below about the attack]..

It was difficult for families to identify their sons. A 14 year old child had been shot in his head, and a part of his head was missing, so the ambulance had to transferr him without the head because the Israeli soldiers were shooting at the ambulance men.. Most of the injured were children and women as they were trying to get out of their houses searching for shelter..

Yebna camp has a curfew, and if people attempt to go out of their houses they get shot by soldiers, and if they stayed at home they will be demolished with the houses..

Now, many ambulances are trying to get the victims but the soldiers are shooting at
ambulances and journalists..

Rafah currently has no food, goods and other basic foods.. Because the IDF divided Gaza Strip into five separated areas by militants checkpoint.. Now it's hard to find milk for pharmacies for babies and children..

The attack is going on and on, and the streets are empty.. many parents have been searching for their sons and couldn't find them..

3 a.m.: I am writing this in a rush because I am afraid that the electricity will be off due to the shelling .. This is a description from my window.. Right now, I am looking out of my window and writing. The sky is full of smoke and I can not see anything. A large numbers of tanks and bulldozers with other F16s and Apaches.. All of these weapons right now.. the sky is covered with airplanes.. Difficult to know where the shooting is coming from.. All of them from every angle they are shooting at people leaving their houses.. Ambulances just came three minutes ago.. Children and women left their homes in their nightgowns and pajamas.. The sound of the tanks and bulldozers is very loud.. Everyone is asking themselves: "what is happing?" And all answer that what is happening is shelling and bulldozers from every direction.. Large groups of families leaving.. to where?!!

We will not die in our homes.. no one is asking for help, because no one is answering us.. We are all by ourselves. The shelling is going on and on right now.. It is enough to write this for now, but I will write more if they didnt shell the electricity.. This is the second attack in 48 hours. During the first attack they demolished about 11 houses and killed 6 people, two of whom were children.

6 October

Last week, Rafah witnessed all kind of violence when the IDF demolished 15 houses in Rafah, "Block O area" and other 11 people were injured .. Most of the people left their houses because of the shelling from the F16s, bulldozers and tanks..

Four days ago and in less than 4 hours, the Israeli bulldozers demolished about 25 houses. The houses were demolished while the people where living in it. This crime is happening amidst international silence and ignoring of human rights in Palestine, that it seems have become no one's concern in the world..

A very large number of bulldozers and tanks, divided Rafah and all Gaza Strip into five parts.. after they closed the main roads. The Palestinians are now finding other sand roads that of course take more time and effort, but the Israeli soldiers blocked even the sand roads. Many thousands of children and students were not able to come back from their schools, and the Israeli soldiers shot at them with teargas..

These crimes came one week after the IDF shot a student and his teacher while they were in the class rooms.. The teacher Ismail Awad Mansour (36years old) , working as a teacher in Al Omaria school; and the student is called Mohammed Haider Al Boji. (11 years old) in addition to other 25 students who were transferred to the hospital because of the teargas.
It was a game that the soldiers plaedy..

Israeli soldiers shot a man, Saeed Abu Azoom. Israeli bulldozer killed him when he was returning from the European hospital to his house.. They also shot three people, one of them is a five years old child.

Due to the last policy of dividing Gaza Strip and Rafah, most of the people were not able to go to the hospital.. This morning ambulances were waiting to cross the new checkpoints.. Over five ambulances had women who were about to give birth and couldnt reach the hospitals. In addition there were other injured people who couldnt arrive at the hospitals for urgent operations.. The soldiers shot one of the ambulances and threw teargas near the students and the people who spent last night at the checkpoints awaiting the permission of Israeli soldiers to go to their houses..

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