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01 May:

Tom Hundall, the peace activist from Great Britain (see below), has died because of his heavy injuries.
Last night, many houses were demolished again, and no one could sleep in all Rafah city, because of the shootings and shellings and the F16s, and helicopters which were also in the sky... Many people were injured, in Rafah and Gaza more than 10 people were killed, also children under 3 years. The house demolitions continue today.

22 April:
Today the international peace activists did a large demonstration in Rafah, joined by many people from Rafah, against the killing of civilians. Again, the Gaza strip is divided into 3 parts, with waiting times at the checkpoints up to 9 hours; it is virtually impossible to go to university or any other place in Gaza. There was another attack at Rafah, even targeting the internet cafŤ, and more houses were destroyed.

20 April:
Today more than 60 tanks and bulldozers left Rafah camp, after killing 5 people and more than 30 were injured.
Many houses demolished and many cars also crushed, it was a very bad night since yesterday at 10 PM. Most of the people who were injured are women and children.

12 April: A very good article written by a visitor who came to Rafah and describes the situation, can be found here.

11 April: Peace activist seriously injured

Yebna, Rafah
Between 4:30 and 5:00 PM today Israeli snipers shot another ISM activist in the head. Tom Hundall from Manchester Britain is currently in critical condition in a helicopter on his way from Europa Hospital in Khan Younis to a hospital in Bir Sheva. He is 22 years old.

Read more here

10 April: Today, international peace activists try to stop bulldozers demolishing houses in the Tal Soloob area of Rafah:

3 people were injured today, among them a 16 year old boy who was injured at his neck and is in a serious condition now.

04 April: This is a photo of Rafah after the recent attack:

More photos can be seen here

03 April: During the recent IDF attack on Rafah, 5 people were killed and many injured, many more houses were demolished. Rafah has many problems now, people leave their houses, because the helicopters attacked our camp, as well as tanks and bulldozers. The hospitals need help since there are many injured people now.

02 April: A large explosion in Rafah, and many tanks and bulldozers starting an attack at the Hay Al Salaam area of Rafah, lots of shells exploding.

24 March: On Saturday, about 8 tanks and 2 bulldozers attacked Rafah. Many people were injured, one person was arrested. This night, more than 10 tanks and 3 bulldozers attacked Hay Al Salaam in Rafah, and many people were injured, 5 houses were demolished, and another 3 houses were partially demolished; 5 people were arrested, and until now there is massive shooting and shelling in Rafah.

21 March:
Large peace demonstration in Rafah against the war in Iraq.

20 March: Because of the bad security situation in Rafah and Khanoyness, schools and institutions remained closed.

Rachel before she was killed

19 March:
PCWF is setting up a scholarship in honor of
Rachel Corrie

In honor of Rachel Corrie and to her memory, the Palestine Childrens Welfare Fund is setting up a scholarship fund for a student studying human rights or peace oriented studies at Olympia College. The money will come from donors who specifically donate to this fund. Please forward this message to your friends and colleagues and ask them to forward it to their friends and to announce it on their websites and through their activities. Donors can donate online at our website and specify in the comments line "Rachel Corrie's Scholarship Fund". Or they can send a check favoring the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund and specifically designate the money to the scholarship fund. The check can be mailed to Riad Hamad, Coordinator, PCWF, 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745. Let's remember and honor Rachel Corrie as a symbol for peace and justice.

16 March: 9 PM, massive attacks of the IDF in Rafah, especially in the Hay Al Salam area, until now 2 people killed, several wounded, many houses destroyed! One of the victims is Rachel Correy, an American lady, 24 years old. Her body was crushed by an IDF bulldozer while she was trying to stop it and preventing it from demolishing the house of just another innocent family...

There was a peace vigil this evening and several hundred people attended and prayed for the peace martyr Rachel Corrie

See more pictures here

13 March: Last night I found Nora Salamah and her family, since more than 1 month they live in this very bad tent, after their house was demolished and they lost everything. It is chilly and wet, and the family is completely desperate and exhausted and ill. They don't even have enough food. NOBODY cares for them. And there are MANY more families like them. I don't know what to say when I see this misery... I told them I'll publish their photos and maybe somebody will give a donation for them so at least they can get some meals right now.

07 March: During the past 4 days, 11 more houses were demolished, a mother was killed, leaving 12 orphan children behind, and a number of people were badly injured. The photo tells everything about the current situation here.

06 March: Jebalia camp

05 March: This family lived in the Al Buriej refugee camp. During the recent attack of the IDF, the mother and children were in their house, trying to avoid the massive shootings. But their house was targeted too. The mother, Noha Swedan, 40 years old and pregnant, was killed, 3 of the children and the father were wounded. I visited the family today; it is a horrible tragedy. The young children do not even know yet that their mother was shot dead, and their father is unable to move.

If somebody would like to give a little support to these children or start a sponsorship for one of them, please look at the "Donations" page.

One of the gigantic bulldozers used to demolish buildings

02 March: The shootings and home demolitions continue.
And the Israelis bring many new bulldozers and tanks to Gaza and Rafah this evening.

27 February: Last night, the IDF demolished 7 houses in AL Shaeer street and 3 people were injured, one arrested, and more than 500 HUNDREDS of olives trees were completely demolished. Massive shooting and shelling by 3 Israeli helicopters. A group of international people tried to stop the Israeli bulldozers, the Israeli soldiers commanded them to leave, and were shooting towards them.
During this week, the IDF demolished about 20 houses, a mosque in Rafah camp, as well as agricultural plots. One of the people who lived there was killed, and another 12 were injured, 2 of them are in danger.

23 February:
The current situation is especially hard for children whith diseases... many parents cannot even afford the medicine any more. Riska, one of those many children, was very happy to receive a child sponsorhip and was able to buy the medicine she needs.

Another family that is homeless now

21 February: During the past days, there were shootings and explosions all the time. Several people were injured and killed. Some more houses were destroyed. On Wednesday, most schools remained closed because of the dangerous situation. International peace activists tried to protect the workers who wanted to repair the destroyed water pumps, but because of the shootings this was impossible.

UNRWA and other organizations distribute leaflets to warn the children not to touch "abandoned" mines and shells, as many children were injured and crippled because of this. Some of these shells look like toys to the children... and the effects are horrible.

15 February: Although the weather was very bad, the international peace activists in Rafah organized a large demonstration against war and occupation.

14 February: More than 10 tanks and 5 bulldozers attacked Rafah camp in Block O. Today two people were killed, and more than 8 were injured, more than 18 houses were demolished.
A group of international activists from ISM and other people from international organizations like UNRWA tried to stop the Israeli bulldozers, but unfortunately the IDF continued to demolish the houses.
Till this moment there is a massive shooting and bombing in Block J area, and Block O.
The people from Rafah ask the world to stop the IDF and to stop the shootings and house demolitions.
Click here to see the photos of today.

11 February: Today is our Eid holiday, but there is heavy shooting again all day long. Everybody is sad and frightened, the children in the camps cannot play outside and cannot visit their friends and relatives.

10 February: This weekend, the IDF demolished more than 19 houses in Hay Al Salam, and Block (O) in the Rafah camps, although the international peace activists from ISM tried to stop the bulldozers and tanks.
All the homeless families lost all their belongings, and now they donít have any place to stay any more, while the weather is very chilly...

04 February: 10 tanks and 4 bulldozers attack the Rafah camps. The IDF demolished another 8 houses in Hay Al Salaam, one of the Rafah camps. There is massive shooting, people try to rescue some of their demolished furniture, but unfortunately the Israeli tanks shoot towards them.
The owners of the demolished houses ask the world to tell the IDF to stop demolishing houses without any reason.
I asked an old women what happened exactly, she answered : I don't know what I have to say to you, I lived in this house with my five sons and I didnít do anything against the Israeli, so why they demolished our houses, I donít know!!!

03 February: The water problem is still persists. The photos show the demolished pump station and how people now get water in small containers.

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