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28 May:
This week, there were shootings in Rafah every day and every night, they shoot people and many children.. many houses were demolished.. The photo shows one of the demonstrations in Rafah, a demonstration against killing internationals, and it shows a child holding a poster of the British cameraman who was killed in Rafah.
Now there are no international media people in Rafah any more, because cameras became the enemy and target of the IDF...
There were three international peace activists who used to come to Rafah during the past 2 months, but now even they are not allowed to come any more, and so there is nobody any more to face and witness the bulldozers.
A new association was founded in Rafah these days, taking care of women and children, and they called it "Rachael Cori", in honor of the American peace activist who was killed here in Rafah a short time ago...

23 May:

Now there are massive shootings again, many people are injured, in the Tal Al Sulat area, Block J and and other places in Rafah...

22 May:

Children from Rafa and Beit Hanun, this week. Many crimes were comitted...

17 May:

The IDF attacked Block J in Rafah and shoot 5 people till this moment.

When the children came back from school, the tanks blocked the road, and they couldn’t go to their homes

14 May:
A shell exploded within a group of children, aged 6-9 and playing football, most of them were killed, three are seriously injured.

Many families are homeless now

12 May:
Yesterday and last night, 2 people were killed, more than 15 injured, 9 houses were demolished. A huge number of people is homeless, and it is nearly impossible for them to find some shelter. Most of the shops are closed. The photo shows children in front of their school...





10 May:
Today and yesterday, more attacks and house demolishions in Rafah...

08 May:
Today there was a large demonstrations held by the homeless people, they put their tents in front of the government centers and the UNRWA center. Many people asking for homes because their houses were demolished ...Since so many houses were destroyed and the demolishions still go on nearly every day, there are no spare rooms available any more, and the homeless people cannot afford to rent anything. Members of UNRWA visited the area to see the situation, but still there is no solution ...

07 May:
Yesterday, massive shooting against people in Rafah, many people were injured. In Khanyoness city, the Nimsaw area, they shoot many people, heavy rockets exploded, and in one of the destroyed houses a child was killed.

03 May:
Massive shootings last evening and night ... while I was going home by taxi, the soldiers shoot at us, and the taxi driver was injured, it was a very bad night... James Miller, a British journalist in Rafah, was killed while he was doing a documentary film in Rafah. He was waving a white flag, but still he was shot. And the tanks surround the internationals, and shoot towards them.

British journalist who was killed

02 May:
Last night, more attacks and house demolitions.

Desperation everwhere. And in addition to this, the never-ending queues at all the many checkpoints, waiting times of many hours. More photos can be seen here.
Yesterday Belinda was arrested by the IDF, a British peace activist, while she tried to prevent a bulldozer from demolishing more houses. The soldiers put handcuffs on her and brought her to an Israeli settlement; there she is still under arrest.

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